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About Uganda

Uganda is an astonishingly a beautiful country, full of vibrant color, confident, courteous and indomitable people thus an ideal place for your holiday and vacation.

It boasts some of the world’s most breath taking landscapes and waters capes. It is home to the source of the Nile River and the most powerful natural flow of water on Earth, Murchison Falls.

Perched on an immense plateau several thousand feet above the equator, Uganda has the best of Worlds, year-round sunshine and comfortable temperatures thus making it an ideal place for holiday and vacation.

Welcome to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, from the time you land at Entebbe airport with its breathing equatorial location on the forested shores of island strewn Lake Victoria it is clear that Uganda is not an ordinary destination rather untapped and virgin safari destiny. Uganda is mostly a plateau, a compact country occupying an area of 236,580 Km2 roughly of the size of Great Britain or the state of Oregon in the United States. It lies astride the equator and has affine mild climate with copius rainfall experiencing two rainy seasons a year March –May and September-November
Uganda is a country with the greatest explorers of the bygone age, Speke, Burton, Living Stone and HM Stanley all passes in this country in the so famous search of the Source of the Nile. They passed through this lush and beautiful safari land bringing its wonders to the notice of the waiting World. Now one of the most spectacular areas of this fascinating country has opened its magical doors to one more intrepid explorer and this id you


Remarkably Sir Winston Churchill famously described Uganda as the Pearl of Africa in 1907, indeed the whole of Uganda looks like a well managed work of a good architecture, a shimmering blue sapphires scattered across the whole country. These are just a series of lakes that look like jewels but are mere accidents of geology that form a strangely regular pattern for on either side of 68,000 km2.  Lake Victoria, the second largest expense of fresh waters lies a glittering pendant of lesser Lakes daggering north and west. The landscape is marvelous, the Rwenzori mountains a range known to the ancient Greeks as the mountains of the moon due to its spectacular views and series of hills, plain of the Albertine Rift  and forest and this geological work has made Uganda one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, of fantastic natural scenery.


Uganda boosts almost half of the world’s remaining Mountain Gorillas population is in Uganda, the climbing tree lions of Ishasha Queen Elizabeth National Park, Chimpanzees of Kibale, Kyambura and Budungo. Other game include Giant forest hogs, Giraffes, Topi, Heart beast, Kob, Buffaloes and many more in its 10 National Parks. It enjoys a check list of over 1100 species of birds with 27 of the Albertine endemic. It also offers world class white water rafting at the source of the Nile in Jinja


Uganda is where the East African savannah meets African Jungle, where else in this impossible lush country can you observe lions sprawling the open plains in the morning and track chimpanzees throughout the forest under growth in the same afternoon then the next day navigate the tropical channel teeming with Hippos and crocodiles before setting off in the misty mountain to stare deep into the eyes of a Mountain Gorilla, incredible but this Uganda the Pearl of Africa. Its range of forest diverse primate impressive as its selection of plain antelopes. The verdant bio diversity is further attested to by Ugandan status as by far the smallest country of the 3 East African countries whose bird checklist tops the 1000 mark


Yet there is more the country than wildlife. There is the might Nile, Punctuated by spectacular Murchison and Bujagali Falls where you can settle the world’s most thrilling White water rafting. There are the snow capped peaks of Rwenzori which provide a tantalizing challenge to dedicated mountaineers as well as the Virunga Volcanoes and Mount Elgon both of a highly rewarding hiking opportunities through scintillating highland scenery

Uganda Climate

Uganda enjoys ideal weather conditions ranging from the warmth of the lowland areas to the coolness of the Kigezi highlands.


Uganda is sunny most of the year with temperatures rarely rising above 29 degrees
The average temperature is about 26 degrees centigrade, with a maximum of 18-35 degrees and minimum of 8-23 degrees depending on the part of the country.


The rain season is March-May. Light rain season is November and December. Wet seasons are March –May and October-November;
dry seasons are December to February and June to August.

Rainfall ranges between 500mm to 2500 mm and the relative humidity is
70% -100%

The rainfall regime allows two planting and harvesting seasons a year in most parts of the country, without the use of irrigation.

About 34% of the country is covered in wetlands with a dense network of rivers, lakes and swamps.
Generally, the country is endowed with fertile soils. Uganda has Lake Albert, Lake Victoria which is the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world and also the source of the Nile.

Uganda has a high reputation as African friendliest country, this stems partly from the tradition of hospitality common to its culturally diverse populace and partly from the remarkably low levels of crime and hassle directed towards tourists, this amiable quality extends beyond these easy going people of great history and culture


Uganda moves with East African Standard time. GMT+3